Wip – 2013 – Kabuki Models Tinkerbell

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In Lucca Comics , this year the Kabuki brought some good news in his Pin up in 54mm , and I could not miss the Tinkerbell (but not the only one I got …: D ) .

And so I immediately started to get their hands and the colors …

After cleaning up small burrs on the top, a coarse step on the leg lengthened ( Kabuki shame because the molds are usually perfect … ) and closed some small bubbles are passed to the primer and the complexion.

I wanted to try a new technique for me : I used acrylic paint to create the base of the complexion ( mixing white , burnt umber and burnt sienna ), but I immediately missed the dilution , creating small lumps of color. ..
I then removed all away with some water and started again from scratch.

After applying the base ( this time in a decent way ) I switched to oil paints .

Following the video of David Tens on Youtube Channel NKGC I gave everything on the complexion a wash of burnt sienna . After a while I started to put small amounts of white where I wanted that there were clear parts , and with a clean brush I blended the color. I repeated the process several times until a shade that pleases me .

The same I did on the dress …

In this step I used the technique of salt for the hook , while the wings I used the nail enamel pearl and iridescent . The effect is good …

I must admit that for me it was great fun to get your hands on a figure , just to take away from the routine of mecha …: D

And here are the steps I followed to achieve this model .

Tinker Bell :
1 . Sanding and cleaning of the resin
2 . Glue of the entire body, leaving detached wings
3 . Insert a pin into the basin to facilitate the coloring and the hook attachment
4 . Puttying and sanding grout joints
5 . Primer
6 . Airbrush skin with Skin color Tamiya
7 . Transparent glossy finish on the model
8 . Using of oil paints to give soft light and shadows to meat
9 . Transparent glossy finish on the model
10 . Paint with acrylic Valleyo of the dress
11 . Shades and shadows using Valleyo color
12 . Colouring hair, eyes and details
13 . Transparent satin finish on the model

hook :
1 . Sanding and cleaning of the resin
2 . Primer
3 . Apply a black base as a primer for the technique of ” Hairspray and Salt ”
4 . Transparent glossy finish on the model
5 . Hair spray and salt technique on the hook
6 . First layer of metallic color Exaust Jet Alclad
7 . Second step of hair spray and salt on the hook
8 . Second layer with metallic color Silver Alclad
9 . Airbrushed the base with Tamiya black
10 . Shades of Tamiya gray very diluted on black base
11 . Coloring with white acrylic of the skull on the basis
12 . Removed the salt through hot water and toothbrush
13 . Transparent glossy finish on the model
14 . Washings and dirty with oil colors
15 . Passing of matt transparent

Header :
1 . Cut pieces of wood in the desired measurements
2 . Bonding with wood glue
3 . Transparent matt finish on the base
4 . Dirtying and wash with oil paint
5 . Transparent matt finish on the model

Finished! !
Easy is not it ? : D


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