WIP – 2012 – Capitan Harlock Arcadia 2

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Here’s a little summary of things done :

Here is the green Arcadia in scale 1/1000 . A particularly rare since they are years that is no longer in production.
The model looks good , but with possible improvements have yet to be evaluated.

The assembly of the two halves of the hull is not perfect, but the model is quite dated and it was reckoned …
For now I just added the fingers of plasticard to make it more solid .

In my kit, the press is WRONG ! !
Missing a whole slice (especially important !) Of the front !
I have to evaluate how to proceed well , damn ! !

As advised by the children of the forum NKGC , and as I had also already thought about it, I left for the reconstruction of the front of the Arcadia , applying lined 1mm plasticard and pasting it to the party that still remained of the tip, using the tip with the skull as template. I used plasticard so scratched because it was easier to bend it along the lines of the ship.
After completing the work, and added another layer of 1mm plasticard , I started to close all the holes with Bondo putty legendary …

After rebuilding the entire front part of the hull and connected parts , I began the detail work , piercing the hatches and behind by applying a thin piece of plasticard spaced from a finger from 1mm plasticard always , to give it depth …

Just bought the mounting box , I decided that the guns would have been redone with metal bars with holes of various sizes, and now, after a couple of years , I am here to honor what has been said . Then , after cutting the part of the gun , I started to cut a metal rod of the same length . I then cut a finger other bigger to make the parts in relief.
So it is similar to the original , but MUCH better as finishing .

I ended up mounting the side air intakes and the bridge, and after pasting I started filling with the legendary Bondo .
I replaced the main part of the antennas with two redone from scratch with toothpicks and metal rod , MUCH better than the original .
In the bottom of the photo note the original on the left and the right rebuilt

After countless putty and smooth, finally I’m almost at the end of the tunnel.
I finally glued the 2 decks of the ship , and now I just have to sand more small cracks grouted with Mr. Surfacer 500 .
Then need the coloring ! !

After you have finished coloring and given a coat of clear gloss Tamiya , I started with the filters .
They have been well 6 . Starting from Burnt Sienna , black, umber , olive green, ocher , blue.
Unfortunately after putting masking fluid on guns and pulling away, I noticed that the reaction did , and I had
remove all with the Chante claire …

So, I did washes and weathering with oil paints, and drybrush to detect the details . Now I would like to apply a coat of satin clear , still do a filter ( green throughout , dark brown to bridge and back) to standardize everything and go to dust .
Finally colorerò with yellow lights on .

Now I’m detailing the ship with paint chips , and I’ll have to redo the main deck , because it was too dark . I hope I did not ruin the good things done before …
Rebuilt the bridge with oil paint , and rebuilt the rear.
Restored the gold and added the windows on the back.
There are still washes with black and then it’s over …

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2 thoughts on “WIP – 2012 – Capitan Harlock Arcadia

  • luca

    Ciao PierGiorgio!!!
    Sono luca….quello di Loano!!
    vedo che ora il sito da pc e mobile è OK,bene!!!
    Sono reduce dal model expo di Novegro,ho sempre un’occhio sul prossimo modello da fare…proprio questa Arcadia come ti avevo detto al mare.Attualmente sto lavorando sulla nissan skyline fast&Furious,in fiera ero concentrato sulla nave…
    per quel discorso di weathering,scrostature e filtri non so se ho fatto bene ma vedendo i bei lavori di uno stand ho comprato i colori true earth…vedrò se mi possono aiutare…cercherò di documentarmi prima di iniziare il tutto..
    per adesso ancora ciao!!