WIP – 2010 – Macross Destroid Phalanx Diorama

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Here is the wip of the Missile Phalanx , model series Macross , Bandai’s re-release in 1/100 scale . The pattern is printed very well, apart from a lack of plastic in one of two missile launchers , that I had to take it up with Milliput .
For the rest a nice model indeed …

In the pictures you can see the part that had a mold problem . The part covered with milliput was completely missing for a defect in print. But with milliput I solved the situation …
The connection of the pelvis / leg has been changed. Now the leg can move laterally and dramatically improves positionability wing of the limb, the first thing that was really limited …
I also decided to lengthen the leg , the original one made ​​him look too low … I then separate the thigh in two in the middle of applying several layers of plasticizing .
I also studied a modification to the head. I wanted to personalize this a little mech , and the head was the only part that left me a little puzzled … The work has led to the inclination of the head 90 degrees , making it horizontal instead of vertical . On the side I added two cylindered connected by cables to the back of the head.
Behind the missile launchers are the reactors , but this part is completely flat. I then closed with plasticard walls so you could not see inside.

In the meantime I started the diorama, built on a frame for pictures and building material. I modeled the road with a small slope to give different heights and thus create movement. For the construction of the trees I used a stick to skewer the pieces of sponge and green …

Colouring of Destroid Phalanx:
– Start from a past of black (unfortunately glossy, opaque I finished it!!) On all parts of the model …
– Sand to make the lights
– Clear gloss and then the decal
– Another coat of gloss
– The white, which is then removed with a brush and alcohol.

After you apply the decal to the model, I rehearsed a layer of floor wax to seal them. After that (subject to proof on a sheet of plasticard!) I spent a white Testors, with the intention of scolorarlo at several points so as to see the decals and the original color underneath.

There is still no general dusty, which will only work almost completed ….

After the staining pattern, and started a first color of the vehicle , are passed to the coloring of the trees. For now I have only given a first pass of black , green and then proceed with a pass for last light yellow . Then of course these are also covered with snow.
For the snow I gave a first pass on the ground of baking soda, water and PVA glue . Once you apply the baking soda , I noticed that if you hover over a wet brush will smooth out very well …

By placing the medium with decals and shadows made ​​with black oil paint . There are still the washings to homogenize everything, and a phase of weathering and dirtying .
The work on the diorama has moved on. They were snow-covered trees , and the effect it seems to me convincing …
At the end of the diorama with the Destroid Phalanx and the truck placed in context, it seems to me a good result.
There are few soldiers , paneling and dirty on the phalanx and a snowy General to complete the whole …

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