WIP – 2010 – Gundam Exia

Here are the first pictures of Gundam Exia that I started.
The Gundam is mounted dry, not glued nor puttied, as you have to choose the position to give him.
90% will be the one you see from the pictures that am attaching.
After selecting the pose you pass to the insertion of pins to lock the position of the pins …
You can use any type of wire, aluminum or copper (great the one for bonsai). Just drill the hole through the joints to lock. Of course there must be a bit of study before the hole to avoid trouble, but once you get the hang of it all becomes easier …: D
Finally, disassemble the whole armor again and you start painting.
I usually paint it for subsets of color (white, yellow, blue) to vary the least possible the shades that use.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of painting, at that time probably I did not want to take pictures …: (

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