Wip – 2009 – Dust Luther

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I have to admit that the Luther Dust resin model is printed really well, one of the best resins that I have ever seen !!!!
Let’s see how assembling and coloring went …

After the assembly and after giving the primer on the soldiers, I started with the base color on the figures.
In fact I also started the first face, but it is coming very bad …
So no pictures and total makeover.
I then start over the coloring of soldiers, but with poor results. On the other hand, is the first time ever that I paint a 1/35 figure, so I think it’s normal.
Everything was colored with Vallejo base, a coat of Tamiya clear gloss, and paint with Vallejo.
After a chat on the forum NKGC, and I understand the (many) flaws that had the sketches, I decided to redo them promptly.
After a bath of a night in Chanteclair, and an energetic pass of toothbrush, here we are at the point of departure, the primer. I puttied some points where the pieces came off (trying to remove all the parts that I had glued before).
Soon after I gave the first coat of dark flesh color, but trying to make 4 different shades.
In a picture, just to see, I made a comparison between the first trial (first time ever I’ve paint a figures in 1/35 scale) and the second one. It seems to me a little better …
What is certain is that I still have a long way to go …
After a bit ‘of time I finally found the urge to start the second round of painting.
Photos you found all the work, which seems to me to not be entirely bad.
After completing the faces, I started to color the uniforms. The commander entirely in black (as instructions, while the other two, for now, I’ve painted only the jacket.
Now I do not know if it still lighten the skin or leave it like that.
The first figurine is finally finished. I do not have any element added (helmet, saddlebags, rifle etc …), but the base is in place.
Now I have to complete all the other …

For the base I glued the diorama on wood stand, surrounding it with a layer of wood veneer.
All fences and the road sign were colored with oil colour, waiting to finish …
The land has been detailed by adding grass and bushes …
The ground was stained and faded with oil washing, and even the grass was painted with Tamiya acrylics.
The base is 90% complete, there are just a few finishing touches to do.
The final form of the base, with almost all elements, it is quite convincing. When all of the items will be placed in their place we’ll see if the final effect will be what I wanted …

On Luther, after assembly, pins and putty I applied a coat of primer.
As colored base I used acrylics tamiya, I’ve do a mimetic in three tones as seen on the Dust website, then using the technique of lacquer and the salt to create the paint chips.
After removing the grains of salt, I realized that maybe there are too many paint chips, but it’s all experience for next time.
After spending a coat of Tamiya gloss and a few decal placed on luther, I gave it a coat of Emulsio Facile to brush out any pattern to prepare the washes.
How Dry I used a dark-colored earth oil diluted with Zippo gasoline, and then begin to switch sides dug with a black oil.
Also finished Luther settle all the pieces on the board and control the overall effect. It seems to me that the spaces are filled evenly, giving a good balance to the base …
There are only a few tweaks and the final photo !!!

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