WIP – ??? – One Piece Going Merry

For some time now I have this model in the boxes to do, and it has finally arrived his turn.
The Going Merry is very simple to assemble, suitable for novice modellers, and it will be fun in the modifications and improvements that I will try to do on it …
Here is a list of the jobs that I’ve done:
Recreate the rooms of the guns in front and behind the ship
the sail was redone in canvas
the trees of sails redone in wood
Mandarin trees reconstructed with real branches
flags are remade in tin foil
all the holes have been filled in milliput
all portholes were replaced with many in brass.

Let’s move on to the painting of the elements, and we use the technique of lacquer and salt to create chipped paint on the white parts …
For the timber, already finely in relief, just a brown color, a wash with oil paint and a light drybrush …

After coloring I switched to realize all the additional details:
I finished arranging all the cordage, and the effect is quite good.
I also finished building the back sail, which will be painted soon.

After a lot of work on the hull, I decided to put hand on the crew of the strangest pirates of cartoon …
For now I ended Rubber and Sanji, the other will painted soon…

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