Wip – 2013 – Viper MKVII – Commissione

Here’s another model from the Battlestar Galactica series, but this time we talk about the Viper MKVII from Moebius.
The work began by assembling and grouting around the Viper MKVII. I thought it was easier, however the seams line at the bottom are quite evident and required two phases of grouting. The pilot and all the cockpit have been colored before assembly with Vallejo acrylics, as always when we speak of “planes”, and glued between the two sides of the hull, like the rear engine, but it’s colored with Alclad colors.
Before starting to paint the hull we have to mask with masking tape the cockpit and the engine …
We start with a preshading of the panels, and then move on to paint in medium gray the Viper MKVII.
At this point, we start with chipping the paint with light gray. We apply the decal.
After spending several coats of clear start with the panel lining and weathering with oil paint diluted with Zippo’s gasoline.
The transparent base has been colored with gold enamel Humbrol and then painted with a black acrylic spray can in the lower part, by masking the top.

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