Wip – 2013 – Star Wars Speeder Bike

The Star Wars Speeder Bike in 1/6 scale was my first painting job in this scale. Being much large, need to pay more attention to the details !!!
The model is actually a Hasbro toy, coloring will make it appear MUCH better … 😀
Let’s start disassembling the Speeder Bike in all its parts, and then take a first coat with black gloss spray. Once reassembled, I closed the screw holes with Kotobukiya option parts and, in the deeper holes, with fishing sinkers and milliput.
I started to paint the parts in Tamiya Hull Red, and then use the technique of lacquer and salt to make the paint chips.
During the painting, I used three different techniques, the preshading, the technique of “hairspray and salt” and the mottling.
I must admit that I really like working on the 1/6 scale, she pressed to experiment a lot …
The last phase is the weathering, made ​​with oil paints and pigments.

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