Wip – 2013 – Battlestar Galactica

Here is my first commissioned model, the Battlestar Galactica…
It was given to me already glued and with evident fissures, so to do a well done job I decided to divide all of the pieces as possible and see to settle the errors of assembly … The fillings and bonding of this model are really a lot. I do not know whether it is due to the fact that who did it previously has done a poor job, or if the base is not very good …
However, it is a delirium …: D
After this phase, the work proceeds fast.
After giving a matte black primer I give a coat of Gun metal on the whole model, then giving two coats of Alclad Steel and Aluminium as highlights.
Then I masked and painted all the panels with Tamiya Sky Grey, finally differentiating the various panels with very liquid Valleyo colors with brush …
Last stage! Painting of the details with a brush and Vallejo, panels lines with oil paint black and Payne’s gray, a coat of transparent satin and wash of payne gray to give it a bluish shade.
The base was detailed with Humbrol silver and gold
What do you think ???

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