WIP – 2011 – Gundam GP01 Diorama

Finally, after a period of inactivity I’m back to do some model.
In particular, I’m carrying out a diorama with the GP01, exactly the scene where the GP01 passes in front of Nina, and Kou promises to bring back the GP02 …
For this diorama I had to modify a Jeep to make it similar to the one of the anime. The original is a MINITANK Jeep from Herpa, in 1/87 scale.
The change was mainly the front to make it look like the ones in the anime. Other changes, however, other things are needed to make it even more similar to the original. Changes are made with plasticard of various thicknesses …
Here is the diorama which the Gundam will be placed.
The base is made from polystyrene for construction, covered by a layer of Das clay. Remember to put the vinylic glue before applying das, so you will not have problems of separation of the parts.
Finally the Das was covered by a mixture of acrylic pumice crude, colored with Tamiya brown with pebbles for the ground. The wall has been left natural …
The model of the Gundam GP01 was already assembled and cleaned up a few years ago, but only now I had the wish to finish it. First part to be painted was the internal skeleton in Gun Metal Tamiya, then all parties were colored in black, and then be painted with the technique of preshading in white, red and blue.
All colors, except white Gunze, are Tamiya.
The calves were assembled and retouched already painted.
After the base, the Jeep and the GP01, for finish the entire model there are only two characters, which still are being finalized …

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