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After seeing this “tool” on Facebook , it made me want to achieve it by myself.
With only 5/10 Euros in material and an hour of time I’ve put together this sort of sprue stand gate
Here is the list of materials needed :
– Bar of soft wood 4x2x200cm
– 4 L-shaped metal bars
– Wood glue
– 20 screw hooks
– Screws and nails

Here’s how I build it.
First I cut the wood into 4 pieces with 45 ° corners , I’vemounted 3 holding them together with clamps with 90° angles ( such as those for frames ) with wood glue and staples. Meanwhile, in the fourth bar I attacked at about 2 cm from one to other the iron hooks.
Once the glue dried I joined the fourth bar and I reinforced the union with 2 nails on all 4 sides. I added for the same reason also the L bars , using wood screws this time .
Finally, I used pieces of scrap wood to make the legs and I added a pivoting and collapsible wood bar to make it stand up . Foldable because when you put it away does not need much space.
Finally I associated with each hook a letter , in such a way that when I search the relative sprue it will be easy to find .
No more wasted time searching for pieces in the box!!!

Let me know if you are interested in this creation , or if you have suggestions to improve it ! !

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