Model Kit

Hello everyone, as you may have understood from the title of the page , we are talking about models and model kits .

But not for modeling “normal” (airplanes, cars or armored vehicles ), but the Japanese model kit , which I am passionate about for years ( albeit with some break in the middle … ) .
So you will find in the gallery section of this everything I’ve done , I’m doing or lighthouse ‘ in the magical world of model …
Resins , vinyl kits , model kits Japanese or whatever I can get my hands will be cataloged , photographed and included in these pages , both with the gallery of the finished model , with which the Work in Progress or suggestions to build useful objects or whatever.
Have fun then , and I hope you like my designs ! ! !

Now you can click on the gallery below, or browse through my realization with the menu “Model Kit”

If you are looking for a person who can assemble and paint your models take a look at the page ” Templates of Commission ” , you will find all the information you need.



Master Grade del Gundam RX178 MKII

Master Grade del Gundam RX178 MKII